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People ask me all the time, "Where do you get those things?" I decided I would list a few of my sources so everyone can access the same vendors and information sources that I have used and found to be valuable.
This page contains sources for parts for cars and trucks. It also lists web sites containing good information whose content I see no purpose in reproducing here. I hope you find this information helpful.

Vehicle Parts & Supplies
Summit Racing
Many parts available; even for older vehicles like mine (1994.5 Ford F250 PowerStroke 7.3L Turbo-Diesel -- the very first direct inject PowerStroke engine released -- so early in fact, most parts houses don't have documentation verifying the 1994 was NOT direct injected and was NOT a PowerStroke model but the 1994.5 was). They carry the cold air intake boxes and washable filters.
Diesel Giant
Many parts available; especially for older Mercedes Benz diesels. This guy recorded a huge library of movies demonstrating how to perform repairs and the recordings are very reasonably priced. Check out this site! If you want to do it yourself but need some instruction, this guy probably has the video for you.
Xtreme Diesel Power
Parts for Ford PowerStroke, Cummins, and Duramax. Some VW, Jeep, and tractor parts too.
Buy MB Parts
Many Mercedes Benz parts available; arranged by year, model then by general topic such as engine, body, and electrical.
eGerman Parts
Many parts available. Searchable by make, model and general topic.
Performance Products
Many Mercedes Benz parts available. Arranged by body style then by general topic. These guys aren't always the best price around but they have a great selection and sometimes you just need the part. Viewable parts schematics are very helpful to find and identify the correct part. Free catalog on request.
Autohaus Arizona
Great source for auto parts; not only Mercedes but other makes as well. And their prices are great too! Free shipping if the order is over $50.
Auto Parts Warehouse
Excellent prices on auto parts; especially Mercedes but other makes as well. Prices are phenomenal and shipping is free if the order is over $50.
Davco has fuel filters for biodiesel. That alone makes their site worth the visit.
Taylor Diesel Group
This site is referenced by many experienced biodieselers on many forums online. They have a lot of parts for the biodiesel user. You will see them referenced as "DIS" online.
An excellent source for tubing, sock filters, plastics, etc. This site is amazing! You will spend a lot of time looking through all the products on this site and they are all great.
United States Plastic Corp
Great source for poly barrels, conical tanks, and labware. (** CLEAR PVC tubing!!!)
Science, Art and More, Inc.
Excellent source for labware.
Work 'n More
Location: 3602 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201
Phone: 425.259.0026 or 800.557.2338
Lab coats, protective gloves, coveralls, and a lot more! One of my favorite sources for work clothing.
PowerStroke Shop
Parts house for Ford PowerStroke engines. They carry parts for PowerStroke engines all the way back to the very beginning of the PowerStroke (like my 1994.5).
Aurora Auto Wrecking, Inc
Location: 9217 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103
Phone: 206.524.8700 or 800.426.6464
Great location for used Mercedes Benz auto parts!

Friedel's Service Inc [sorry, no web site available]
Excellent Mercedes Benz service!
Location: 345 Factory Pl N, Renton, WA
Phone: 425.228.4262
Standard Biodiesel
Location: 23810 Old 99 N, Arlington, WA 98223
Phone: 206.388.3869
One of the only places I know, in Puget Sound, that will take your glycerol byproduct. They'll take all you've got.

Biodiesel Information
Biodiesel Gear
Good information, free, in PDF format. Documented studies, designs, and a free ebook upon request via email.
Discover Valve
Ball valves -- these guys got 'em! And their prices are better than anywhere else I've found. They have some pretty handy valve configurations too such as a three-way ball valve so you can decide where you want to route your oil/fuel with one fixture. Nice! If you're like me, you can never have enough ball valves when you're working with biodiesel. This is a great source and orders over $50 get you free shipping!
Discount Plumbing Supplies
Ball valves -- Sometimes Discover Valve (above) is out of stock on some of the items I need and I use these guys. Their prices aren't quite as good but pretty close to it.
Boss Buck
This guy has created a funnel that you can weld to a metal barrel and make your own biodiesel funnel tanks! If you've been looking forw a way to create funnel tanks, these are AWESOME! And they're cheap too!
Morton Products
Hose-end misting sprayer -- for washing your biodiesel.
This is a great site. I have read and re-read most of it many times. The author provides links to articles on various (very interesting) biodiesel related topics. He also offers many useful biodiesel processing components for sale at very reasonable prices. His site is the ONLY place I have found to buy Magnesol. What's Magnesol? Go to this site! It's all there!
Utah Biodiesel Supply
This is a great site for parts, suggestions, and necessary supplies to process biodiesel. They have titration kits, chemistry supplies, and hard-to-find components, all conveniently available in one location.
Maria 'Mark' Alovert's web site
Maria 'girl Mark' Alovert's reputation in the biodiesel community is respected, admired, and her work is followed closely by those of us who want to "do it right". She also runs another site LocalB100 that you might want to check as well. girlMark's information is a powerful guide for all of us who process our own biodiesel.
Harbor Freight
I have found Harbor Freight to be a great source for pumps and castors. Their pumps go on sale once in a while and you can stock up. They have a nice assortment of castors for your tank carts. Of course they have a wide variety of other things as well. Check them out online.
b100 Supply
This is another site related to Maria 'girlMark' Alovert. It is very nice site, clean and easy to navigate with lots of resources.
BioLyle is a pretty resourceful guy. He has been in the biodiesel arena for quite a while and has accumulated a lot of information, examples, and even has some video you can watch online.
Biodiesel & SVO Discussion Forums
Whether you're just getting started with biodiesel production or you're an old timer, you will find yourself camping out on this site. It is full of excellent information, helpful people, and revealing advice. Were it not for this site, my biodiesel operation wouldn't be nearly as perfect as it is. I owe the people on this site more than I can say.
BenzWorld is a great forum where you can find information about issues with your Mercedes from knowledgeable people, mechanics, people who own and work on Mercedes vehicles. They know everything from the mundane to the obscure and I'm not kidding! I've read some really off-the-wall topics on the forum and what an education!
Make Biodiesel
This site is GREAT! It has a ton of information, links, how-to's, sources and additional "green" fuel things you are sure to enjoy.

Nelson Petroleum
Location: 1125 80th St SW, Everett, WA 98203
Phone: 800.562.9882
Speedmart Inc
Location: 304 Lila Ln Burlington, WA 98233
Phone: 360.757.4473
Advanced Toys for Trucks
Location: 12803 Highway 99, Everett, WA
Phone: 425.348.5103

Mercedes Benz Repair Info
Continental Imports
Proper vacuum system tuning for Mercedes Benz transmissions. GREAT article/how-to!
Diesel Giant
This guy recorded a huge library of movies demonstrating how to perform repairs and the recordings are very reasonably priced. Check out this site! If you want to do it yourself but need some instruction, this guy probably has the video for you.

Lister/Listeroid Info
Generator Sales
Parts for Lister type engines including cylinder liners, rings, pistons, gaskets and gasket kits, fuel and oil lines, and much more.
Power Cubes
Practical example of how to use a Lister to heat water and air, and use waste vegetable oil to do it. I especially like his use of a heat exchanger!

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