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Mon, Nov 19, 2007: I am going to Portland tomorrow to meet Joel and pick up my new Listeroid 6/1 and the ST 5KW genhead. I'm pretty excited about it. I can see things happening and that's getting my juices running!
Tue, Nov 20, 2007: My daughter Cassie and I went to Portland today. She's very pregnant and we had to get permission from her doctor yesterday to let her go with me. Just after we crossed the Columbia River into Oregon, we came to the warehouse where Joel stores his stash of Listeroids. Joel is a big bear of a man with a winning smile and a genuine handshake. It takes all of 10 seconds to know you're dealing with a real straight-shooter when you meet Joel. After collecting all the parts I would need, I sat down with Joel and he patiently and graciously answered all of my questions. Joel treated me like a good friend, gave me lots of great suggestions, and helped me load my truck with all kings of great things that will help me get off the grid. I went home confident in my purchase and the support Joel would provide as I go forward with this project.
Here's a picture of a ST genhead exactly like the one I got from Joel Koch:
Wed, Nov 21, 2007: The direct-injection head just came this morning! I was out in the barn unloading the Listeroid from my truck with my tractor and the final parts I need (the cylinder head and some other parts) just came. My son-in-law Solomon and I are really getting excited now! Things are actually taking place and progress is being made. My mind is racing over creative ideas of how to capture the heat produced by this new machine. I know it will make electricity but that's not all it will do and I want to harness it all!
Sat, Nov 24, 2007: I am working feverishly on my garage to complete it. I have completely rewired it, added a 75 amp sub-panel, added a transfer switch panel to which I will connect the Listeroid, and covered the walls with OSB sheeting. I got help from one of my barn workers to put the drywall on the ceiling. Today I am installing a tankless water heater and removing that FUEL HOG of a hot water tank! Big step forward!
The tankless water heater is in and functioning properly. I have tweaked it so it puts out water at 118F degrees which is hot enough for a HOT shower but not so hot you cannot stand it. This is a picture before I cleaned up and dressed the wires and lines in nicely:

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