Smoked Meats
Listeroid CS Diesel
Harry Plotter <
In this shot, we are starting Harry on his tie back (tether). We loop the leash over the handles on the fireplace insert and give him a chew bone.
We tether Harry in Becky's office and he doesn't mind it at all. He loves lying in the sunlight and relaxing on the rug. You can see how he can disappear in the forest with his paint job.
Is this the look or what? Those soft eyes, those long ears, that smokey nose; man! What a great pup!
This is where we teach Harry to deal with family noise and remain quiet on his tether. We give him a bed, some toys, and something to chew and we go on with life. Harry is so solid with this concept, he's a breeze to take anywhere we want.
It's not all sleeping and tethering for Harry. We have our "Dream Field" where we let our pups go to be dogs! He hangs with the bigger dogs and loves to sniff, run, chase, and play.
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