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Harry meets some new friends at one of our field trips for our group classes. He was so little but so curious. He got along with all the other puppies just fine. I was so proud!
He really liked this Keeshond puppy.
When Harry arrived, he was a horrible jumper. He would jump up on anyone and anything without any reservations. This is no longer an issue. He doesn't jump up on anyone, ever. And he gets a lot more pets from friendly strangers now because of his great behavior.
Many of our best pictures of Harry involve sleeping. I think it's because he's so cute when he sleeps. He's the kind of sleeper that allows you to pick him up, move him, squish him, roll him over, basically do anything you want to him and he won't wake up. It's so fun!
Harry gets along with our young male cat, Skippy John Jones. They are like two brothers of different mothers.
Of course, as brothers do, sometimes they have little spats and this is one of them. Skippy John swats Harry (without his claws out) on the nose and Harry knows to ease up a bit.
Harry has the most inquisitive look. When he stares at me like this, I love to take pictures. He's almost an automatic poser.
Here's another shot of Harry sleeping, this time lying next to one of our barn workers.
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