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Harry Plotter <
Harry has a great brindle paint job that makes him disappear in the forest. Here he is against a very contrasting green background and he still seems to fade from view. He's so pretty though! I'd love to have a pickup painted his color!
This picture kinda shows how thin Harry was when we first got him. His hip bones were sticking out, both above and below his tail. His ribs were showing. He shivered a lot of the time. But what a find! Remember: this dog was running the streets of Cleveland, Tennessee when my daughter found him! If you saw Harry running the streets in your town, wouldn't you RUN to save him? How could I not?
This is Harry. Even today, he does this quite a lot of the time. He's a watcher, an observer. He does this when he goes for a ride in my pickup. He sits on the seat and looks out like a person watching the road. Very cute!
This shot starts to show how Harry's blended coloring makes him so hard to see in the forest brush. He's truly the stealth puppy!
I'll try to take some pictures like this one where Harry is standing still in the forest and we'll see if you can find him. Talk about a hide-and-go-seek champion! Wow!
This picture was included just because he's so cute in it. Oh! If I didn't mention it, Harry's coat is like velvet! He's the softest puppy ever! And he produces so much heat! When you hold him, he warms you all over and he snuggles like a champ.
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