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Heeeeere's Harry Plotter!
Although I was unaware, apparently there is a "Harry Plotter Fan Club"! I think it's great! I am a fan! But I had no idea there were other people out there who thought, as I did, that Harry was something very special. So, for those of you who think Harry is just about the very best pup ever, here are some photos to help satisfy your need to see him! I hope you enjoy them like we enjoy Harry! [by david bishop, Harry Ploter's proud daddy]
Harry is found! Carly found Harry and brought him into her apartment. He was very quiet, very skinny, and very cautious. He was so small, she didn't recognize his breed.
Here's Harry the day after we got him. He's 10 weeks old, weighs a whopping 15.4 lbs, and is so skinny we were worried about him.
Harry came to us with two kinds of worms in his gut and a raging urinary tract infection. He was underweight and sluggish. But he was very curious with an intense stare. I fell in love with him right away.
This picture shows his "circle". We have since taken Harry to do therapy work with autistic elementary age kids. One kid said to Becky, "Ooooh! I saw a circle." Becky looked and looked to see what this boy was talking about. Then she spied the swirl on the left side of Harry's neck. She pointed to it and asked the child, "Is this Harry's circle?" and the boy said, "Yes!" Ever since, we call it Harry's circle.
I stepped up behind Harry and snapped this picture. He was watching all my other big dogs playing in the pasture. I wish I knew what he was thinking at that moment.
This is Harry's first encounter with Moose, our 5-year-old, 94 lb chocolate labrador. Moose is a powderpuff, very sweet, and the easiest guy to get along with. This first encounter went fine.
Next, Harry met Zoom, our little female black labrador. She's a peach and Harry loves her like a sister. They haven't stopped playing with each other since that first meeting.
Then Harry met Boomer, our 9-year-old, 110 lb chocolate labrador. Boomer has issues -- major issues -- with male dogs he doesn't know who come on our property. I was pretty tense at this meeting. But Harry has a very winning way about him and the meeting went perfectly! That's our Harry!
And here's a picture of Harry being checked out by all three of our other pups: Moose, Zoom, and Boomer (the double-O kids! all three of them have double O in their names).
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